Technical Learning:
Building Knowledge and Hands-On Skills through Digital Training: What’s Possible

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Originally Recorded:
September 15,  2021

Speaker: Ryan Smith, Director of Technical Content, TPC Training

Moderator: Thomas Wilk, Editor-in-Chief, Plant Services

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There are 2 important components of learning for highly technical jobs in today’s workplace – building foundational knowledge and developing practical hands-on skills.  How can both of these components for learning be delivered in a digital environment? Join TPC and Plant Services for this 1-hour webinar where we discuss what’s possible in the realm of digital hands-on learning.

Topics include:

  • Is it possible to learn “hands-on” in a digital format?
  • Methods of learning in a virtual environment; simulations and skills-based activities
  • How to adopt a digital troubleshooting curriculum that gives technicians the ability to diagnose and repair machinery quickly, effectively, and safely.
  • How effective can digital learning be to solve for safety concerns, machine downtime concerns, time off the floor, etc.
  • Real-world scenarios for how organizations utilize digital learning to accomplish learning goals

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Meet the Presenter

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Ryan Smith
Director of Technical Content
TPC Training

Ryan is an engineer by trade, and has been in the industry for over 13 years.  Ryan has served as an instructor with TPC for 6 years and served in the role of product management and content delivery for 3 of those 6 years. He sees great value in translating highly technical concepts for all to understand.


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