Remote Monitoring: Replace Instinct with
IIoT Insights to
Improve Equipment Efficiency

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Originally Recorded: June 30, 2020

Speakers: Chris Lebeau, Global Director of IT, Advanced Technology Services, Inc. (ATS), and Paul Miller, Principal Analyst, Forrester


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Manufacturers today know that they need to get the most out of their existing facilities and equipment. As a skilled generation of workers begins to retire, manufacturers need to digitally transform and utilize internet-of-things (IIoT) technologies to fill the gaps left by workers. Manufacturers expect the use of remote/IIoT sensors to increase significantly over the next three years. They are investing significantly in their maintenance-related programs and technologies to make improvements and in partners who can help them gather and build actionable data from their sensors. Learn from this webinar how to overcome your staffing and technology challenges to gather actionable insights and improve equipment effectiveness. 

Key takeaways:

  • Eighty-one percent of decision makers say extending the life of their equipment would save them money. So they are planning to invest and expand their use of remote sensors in the next 1-3 years
  • 50% of firms are are using at least seven different types of sensors. Yet, 55% are intimidated by the volume or data they are collecting and struggle to know where to start getting insights.
  • Retiring/aging workforce is leaving gaps that firms are turning to partners to help them fill. 

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Meet the presenters

Chris Lebeau headshot-1Chris Lebeau
Global Director of IT

Advanced Technology Services, Inc. (ATS)

Chris LeBeau is the Global Director of IT at Advanced Technology Services, Inc. With over 30 years of unique experience combining broad technical knowledge, Chris holds a thorough understanding of business and the impact of technology to organizational achievement. Chris has previously held positions at Cisco Systems, AT&T, IBM and began his career in satellite communications with the U.S. Army Space Command. 

Paul-Miller_Forrester_Cropped-1Paul Miller
Principal Analyst

Paul Miller is a Principal Analyst at Forrester focusing on digital manufacturing and the industrial internet of things (IIoT), with research that explores how new technologies challenge established organizations and their business models. He looks at the role of IIoT in everything from simple tracking of device status to transformation of the ways in which machines are built, sold, used, and maintained.


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