How Operations and Maintenance Teams Are Using APM and Digital Twins to Drive Reliability 

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Originally Recorded:
September 15th, 2020

Speakers:     Sandra DiMatteo, Director, Solution Marketing, Asset Performance Programs, Bentley Systems
                        Loukas Koutsoyiannis, Product Manager, Asset Performance Management for Oil & Gas,
                        Siemens Energy

Sponsor:        Bentley Systems

Moderator:   Thomas Wilk, Editor-In-Chief, Plant Services

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Solving operational and asset maintenance problems today requires plants to embrace new, often unfamiliar digital tools to drive reliability and asset value. This webinar focuses of two of these tools are being used today to drive reliability: Asset Performance Management (APM) software and digital twins.  

APM software is designed to monitor asset health and improve/sustain asset reliability. A digital twin is a highly detailed model that is the counterpart (or twin) of a physical asset you are operating. These digital models help plant teams to visualize and connect engineering data to reliability strategies, track devices and sensors on the physical asset, and better understand the work history of each asset.

With the support of OEMs and service partners, APM and the digital twin have caught on as essential tools for operations and maintenance teams to make quick and informed decisions on asset health, and enables timely correction to poorly performing assets.

In this webinar, you will learn how asset performance management and the digital twin can help operations and maintenance teams achieve operational excellence by:

  • Creating new value by digitally visualizing events and processes
  • Solving practical operations and maintenance problems more quickly and efficiently
  • Leveraging real-time performance metrics and analytics to enhance plant reliability and safety.

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Meet the Presenter

Sandra DiMatteo, Bentley SystemsSandra DiMatteo
Director, Solution Marketing, Asset Performance Programs
Bentley Systems

Sandra DiMatteo is the Global Director of Marketing for Digital Twin Solutions, Asset and Network Performance at Bentley Systems. She has more than 20 years of experience in digitalization solutions in asset performance management and reliability software, asset lifecycle information management and EAM enterprise asset management operating in a connected data environment in energy and process industries, utilities and public infrastructure. She is an advocate and speaker on digital twins, IIoT analytics, AI and machine learning, BIM and asset management technology solutions. Sandra is on the Reliability Leadership Institute Board of Advisors and founded the Ontario Chapter of the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

Loukas - SiemensLoukas Koutsoyiannis
Product Manager
Asset Performance Management
For Oil & Gas
Siemens Energy

Loukas Koutsoyiannis benefits from a wide experience in Rotating Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry. He has setup an industry leading team focusing on Asset Management helping clients across the Oil and Gas industry transform their operations & maintenance strategies in order to deliver operational excellence. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Loukas has successfully helped clients implement risk based strategies with a view to deliver more uptime and reduce OPEX. He is passionate about helping clients apply condition based maintenance strategies with an effective risk management framework.

At Siemens Energy, Loukas heads the Asset Performance Management business for Oil and Gas globally. He is responsible for driving the product innovation strategy, leveraging the industry leading domain know how within Siemens Energy. In addition he is responsible for the successful delivery of Siemens Energy’s APM programs within the Oil and Gas industry. Enabling Siemens clients to stay competitive in even the most challenging market conditions.

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