Maintenance and Reliability:

Six Steps to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Predictive Maintenance Program Ahead of Industry 4.0

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Originally Recorded:
August 29, 2019

Speaker: John Pucillo, Director of Advanced Predictive Maintenance, Life Cycle Engineering (LCE)

Sponsored by: Life Cycle Engineering (LCE)

Moderator: Thomas Wilk, Editor-In-Chief, Plant Services

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Many predictive maintenance programs fail to achieve the stated goals or desired results. When significant investments are made in developing the program and the program fails to achieve desired results, confidence in the program diminishes quickly. When the confidence is lacking, future funding and program growth are jeopardized. 

This presentation will address how to properly assess the program’s current state and design in a formal continuous improvement process. The goal when deploying a program is a flawless design but the reality of a perfect design is likely not achievable. Adding continuous improvement techniques can ensure the program adapts to the ever-changing demands of the facility and the assets within. 

With all eyes on the next generation of predictive maintenance, IIoT and Industry 4.0, ensuring the existing program’s foundation is sound and achieving desired results is crucial. Applying sound principles and foundational elements today will enable the effective deployment of future enhancements.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to adapt the program based on results – continuous improvement:

  • What type of data to collect
  • How often to collect data
  • Developing a closed-loop system to improve quality
  • Data-driven repair or replace decision making
  • Manage and improve alarm strategies
  • Trend reoccurring failures
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Meet the Presenter

John Pucillo

John Pucillo
Director of Advanced Predictive Maintenance
Life Cycle Engineering (LCE)

John Pucillo is the Director of Advanced Predictive Maintenance at Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) with more than three decades of experience in management, product development, deployment strategies, reliability, predictive maintenance, and optimizing workflow to reduce inefficiencies and cost.  

As a senior operation and product management professional, John has 35 years of experience successfully executing best-in-class delivery and project strategies to achieve business objectives. He has managed field service programs associated with reliability, safety and conditioned-based maintenance programs, directed service operations and product development, and served as business unit leader for the electrical safety, predictive maintenance, and lockout tagout offerings.  

John holds a Specialized Technology degree in Electrical Power Technology from the Williamson School and completed the Executive Management Program at the University of Cincinnati College of Business. 

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