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Introducing a Continuous Improvement Program

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Originally Recorded:
October 21, 2019

Sponsored by: Synovos

Speaker: Donald P. Shoemaker, P.E., Vice President, Engineering Services, Synovos

Moderator: Thomas Wilk, Editor-In-Chief, Plant Services

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MRO supply chain management can be a real drain on your resources, and many plant managers struggle in developing a strategic approach to handle it. Common pinch points include time spent processing work orders, time and resources to manage the physical storeroom, and the ever-increasing cost of spare parts.

While implementing an integrated supply program is clearly a step in the right direction, program champions rightfully ask: “Is there more we should be doing?” The answer is yes.

This webinar examines the MRO supply chain management from a whole-plant perspective – from maintenance, engineering, and procurement to manufacturing and finance – and uses case study examples to illustrate how a continuous improvement strategy can address some core program challenges.

Among the lessons learned:

  1. How to define and quantify continuous improvement
  2. How to recognize and implement continuous improvement opportunities in your plant environment
  3. How to navigate the roadblocks to that implementation and successfully sustain your continuous improvement efforts

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Meet the Presenter


Don ShoemakerDonald P. Shoemaker, P.E.
Vice President, Engineering Services

As Vice President Engineering Services, Don practices a bilateral and strategic approach to asset management services aimed at accomplishing client objectives. This approach includes a comprehensive understanding of the plant environment and perspective on the requirements of individual sites as they relate to the supply chain.   

Trained as a mechanical engineer, Don spent the first eighteen years of his career in an engineering capacity. His work entailed the design, installation and maintenance of chemical feed systems, the performance of program management, oversight of supplier compliance with specifications and the response to customer requests for change. 

In 1997, Don leveraged his experience with his then employer, a $1.2 billion multinational specialty chemical manufacturer, to transition to Manager, Global Procurement for MRO equipment and services. He subsequently joined a $2 billion multinational specialty chemical manufacturer as Director, Business Systems Global Procurement, developing standard procurement processes, training, and metrics and defining business requirements for their technical support.

Don has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. A Registered Professional Engineer, he received a United States Design Patent for Liquid Dispensing Apparatus in 1995. Don has taken continuing education classes in contract law through the Engineer Society of Philadelphia.

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