Maintenance & Reliability:

Maximizing Work Processes With A Predictive Maintenance Program

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Originally Recorded:
July 24, 2019

Speakers: Frederic Baudart, CMRP,  Lead Application Specialist, Fluke and
                       John Bernet, CMRP, Mechanical Reliability Application Specialist, Fluke

Sponsored by: Fluke

Moderator: Thomas Wilk, editor in chief, Plant Services

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Learn how you can reduce operational costs, improve asset productivity, and increase process efficiency by starting or expanding a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) program.  

A PdM program helps to move your team from fighting fires and performing unnecessary routes to getting ahead of potential failures, providing your team with the ability to take corrective action before equipment issues become a major problem. With a focus on how a PdM program can an increase in safety and a decrease in equipment downtime, this webinar will provide the justification you need to begin adding a PdM program to your maintenance practices.  

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • The impacts that a predictive maintenance program will have on your facility
  • How to begin and expand a predictive maintenance program
  • Challenges you can face with a predictive maintenance program and how to remove them
  • Questions you may have about a predictive maintenance program answered by a Fluke application specialist.
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Meet the Speakers

Frederic Baudart


Frederic Baudart, CMRP
Lead Application Specialist


  • Lead Application Specialist at Fluke Corp. (4 years)
  • Previously work at GE Oil & Gas for 15 years
  • Focusing on company’s reliability and condition monitoring solutions (Accelix)
  • Has 20+ years’ experience in field service, engineering, PM and reliability

John Bernet

John Bernet, CMRP

Mechanical Reliability
      Application Specialist 


  • Mechanical Reliability Application Specialist at Fluke Corp. (8 years)
  • Previously work at Azima DLI for 18 years
  • Served 12 years in US Navy on aircraft carrier as electrical technician
  • Has 30+ years’ experience in preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Written many technical articles for global trade publications and recently completed a 240-page vibration training program

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