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If you have attempted to develop a detailed maintenance strategy you will be familiar with Failure Modes, Effects (and Criticality) Analysis [FMEA/FMECA] and Reliability Centered Maintenance [RCM].  If the world would stop for 18 months we would all have time to perform such detailed analysis on every asset to understand all the failure modes, the consequences, and thus have the perfect maintenance strategy. But most of us don't have time for such detailed analysis.  

Instead, we need a way to prioritize and justify our efforts. The Asset Criticality Ranking is a great tool, but so many people have tried and failed to use ACR effectively, and many have found that the ACR was too superficial (and did not cope with a great many real-world situations) to provide the detail necessary. 

In this Webinar, Jason Tranter, the founder of Mobius Institute, will use one of Mobius' most popular training simulators to explain how the asset criticality ranking can be developed to quickly, and effectively, identify the most critical assets, but then go much further to dig deeper and deeper, considering risks/probability related to the identified consequences of failure, and to consider individual components.  

This approach has been described as a "criticality spectrum"; with very basic system criticality at one end, and detailed FMEA at the other end. It is believed that this approach will provide you with the detail that you need in the shortest time possible.


  1. How to establish the asset criticality ranking
  2. Why the detail available through RCM/FMEA is ultimately valuable
  3. A streamlined approach that utilizes ACR techniques to provide detail when the criticality indicates it is warranted

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JT_75x94.jpgJason Tranter, BE (Hons), CMRP
Founder & CEO 
Mobius Institute

Jason Tranter has been involved with condition monitoring since 1984. He is the founder and managing director of the Mobius Institute and the Mobius Institute Board of Certification. Mobius Institute is ISO-accredited to ISO 17024 and ISO 18436-1.  Mobius has training centers in more than 50 countries and has trained over 26,000 people in a classroom setting and many thousands more via e-learning. Tranter is the author of the majority of Mobius’ classroom material and the “iLearn” series of products, and is a member of ISO TC108/SC5. After running a vibration consulting and software development company in Australia in the mid-'80s, Jason sold his business and moved to the United States as the product development manager at DLI Engineering (now Azima/DLI). Tranter has delivered presentations, workshops and had articles published all over the world.

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