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This webinar will explore the latest generation of flow measurement systems, and how their advanced meter verification capabilities address common industry concerns. Improved diagnostics can now detect meter damage (erosion, corrosion freezing, over-pressurization) plus the ability to detect coating (and thus verify density / concentration measurement and volumetric flow).  Real-life performance is also verified by assessing actual process conditions (high turndown, entrained gas or two-phase flow) and their possible effects on flow meter performance.  The importance of third-party data, regulatory agency recognition (API, AGA, IEC, ISO, FDA, EPA) and real-life examples of diagnostics is also discussed.

Learn more about our Speakers:

taylorscottTaylor Scott, Product Marketing Manager, Emerson Automation Solutions

Taylor Scott is a product marketing manager for Emerson’s Coriolis software products, including Smart Meter Verification, Advanced Phase Measurement, Concentration Measurement, Batching Control, Net Oil Calculator, among others.


tomobanion_headshot1Tom O’Banion, Director of Global Chemical Application Innovation, Emerson Automation Solutions

Tom O’Banion has 30 years of industrial application experience in a variety of roles, including greenhouse gas compliance, process and natural gas market development, and technical sales management covering Canada, Taiwan, and mainland China. Tom holds two patents and is listed on three recent disclosures. He received a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado and an MBA in Energy Management from the University of Denver. Previous employers include Conoco Oil and MW Kellogg (now KBR). Tom O’Banion currently serves as the director of Global Chemical Application Innovation for Emerson Automation Solutions, Micro Motion Inc.

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