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Weighing is just one step in your production or laboratory process, but it can have a big impact on the outcome and quality of your final product. September 30, 2018, marked the deadline to comply with ISO 9001:2015, a new version of ISO 9001, replacing the 2008 version. This webinar will be relevant for managers from any organization following ISO 9001 and using any type of weighing devices or processes in the course of their business.

This webinar aims to help you learn more about:
  1. How ISO 9001 relates to weighing
  2. The Process Approach and Plan−Do−Check−Act (PDCA) cycle
  3. Good Weighing Practice™ and its synergy with PDCA
  4. Risk-based thinking and recommendations on how to apply it to weighing
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Learn more about our Speaker(s):

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David Cirullo
Global GWP Service Consultant

Dave Cirullo has been with METTLER TOLEDO for 24 years, including 20 years spent as a lab field service technician and a lab field service manager.  Dave is now METTLER TOLEDO's Global GWP Service Consultant.

His primary focus is facilitating METTLER TOLEDO's scientific Good Weighing Practice (GWP) service program which has been developed to help the weighing community minimize weighing uncertainty and guarantee each weighing device is not only calibrated, but appropriate for the weighing application that it is being used for. Dave has been extensively trained on the weighing chapters within the USP/NF. He has training on uncertainty in mass measurement and therefore has worked with many METTLER TOLEDO customers in different industries to assure best practices for their weighing processes, assure quality products, minimize waste and help achieve their business goals through accurate weighing.

He is also responsible for delivering the SOP Writing Consultative Service. The SOP Consulting Service uses the GWP scientific platform, the risk of the weighing process and the weighing process requirements to give procedural guidance for scientifically sound life cycle management of weighing equipment. 


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