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If your plant is like most across America then your Preventive Maintenance Tasks are falling by the wayside, precisely due to a shrinking workforce.  Not only does this shrinking workforce create overworked teams, but worse yet, it creates an experience gap that’s even more deadly to our rotating machines. This slippery slope has forced us to skip good PM program necessities, causing more reactive maintenance. 

This webinar will show you and your team how to be more effective and efficient every day to help keep everyone from being overworked and overwhelmed.

Key takeaways:

    1. Alignment basics that will allow you to support the precision and efficient approach
    2. Vibration analysis and how to effectively test vibration without being an expert
    3. Preventative Maintenance tasks are falling by the wayside due to the shrinking workforce- how to handle this issue
    4. Making sense of data- we all gather a ton of data, but what should you do with it

Learn more about our Speaker:

Mike Keohane
Senior Sales Engineer

Mike Keohane has been involved in machinery reliability since 1985. He started as a field service engineer for IRD Mechanalysis. Prior to that he was a wireline logger for Schlumberger Well Services. He joined VibrAlign in 1992 and supports clients in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. In addition to precision alignment, he has field experience in vibration analysis, field and shop balancing, oil analysis and ultrasonics. Mike holds a BSME from Michigan State University. Mike and his wife and two children currently live in
Peachtree City, GA.

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