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New industrial IOT solutions allow organizations to turn massive amounts of machine-based data into actionable intelligence. Capitalizing on this trend requires computing resources to be deployed closer to the sources of the data including machines such as pumps, turbines, sensors, etc.  However, software and computing infrastructure located outside the datacenter can be a challenge to maintain. This webinar will describe how to design and deploy a zero touch, edge computing infrastructure that delivers reliability, operational simplicity and a low total cost of ownership.  

The webinar will also touch on key technologies and strategies that are essential to a successful modern information automation infrastructure deployment, including: 

  1. How to leverage virtualization and thin clients in remote environments
  2. Considerations when deploying applications to the edge of the network
  3. Maintaining your information infrastructure located outside the datacenter

Learn more about our Speaker: 

Frank Hill
Director of Automation and
Edge Business Development
         Stratus Technologies          


Frank Hill is the Director of Automation and Edge Business Development for Stratus Technologies.  Mr. Hill has an extensive manufacturing industry background. Prior to joining Stratus, Mr. Hill led MES business development at Wyeth, Merck & Co., and AstraZeneca for Rockwell Automation.  He has also worked in manufacturing leadership at Merck & Company.   

Mr. Hill has both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration degree from Brigham Young University. He is a frequent speaker and commentator on technology-enabled manufacturing solutions.

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