Plant Services Maintenance
and Reliability Webinars


Our maintenance and reliability webinars are focused on  presenting solutions and strategies to identifiable problems, emerging  technologies, and key topics that are relevant to today’s plant managers,  maintenance and reliability professionals. Events are moderated by the Plant Services editors, who engage industry experts in a 45- to 60-minute interactive format.

 Upcoming and Recent Webinars

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Meet the Plant Services Team

Thomas Wilk

Tom joined Plant Services as editor in chief in 2014. Previously, Wilk  was content strategist / mobile media manager at Panduit. Prior to Panduit, Tom was lead editor for Battelle Memorial Institute's Environmental Restoration team, and taught business and technical writing at Ohio State University for eight years. Tom holds a BA from the University of Illinois and an MA from Ohio State University, and is an avid hiker and runner.

Meet a Few of Our Speakers

Each Plant Services webinar features industry experts form a variety of sectors, backgrounds, and perspectives. Whether they are presenting data from a recent study, highlighting actionable insights from a case study, or answering your questions, our roster of experts will provide you with the advice and guidance you need to implement new programs and technologies at your facility.

Webinars to Go

The Plant Services webinar platform is compatible with all mobile devices, making it easier than ever to attend our live events. If you can't attend a live broadcast, you can always watch the webinar on demand. Whether you are on the plant floor, in the break room, or at home, the expertise you need to avoid downtime and equipment failure is just a tap away.