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This free eBook provides a comprehensive look at the changing methods and technologies impacting every industrial operation, big or small, local or global. The trends discussed include:

• Advanced Data Analytics
• Cloud Storage to Support Data-Driven Operations
• The Connected Enterprise
• Secure Remote Access
• Combined Safety and Cybersecurity Mitigation Approaches
• Virtual Commissioning with Digital Twins for Efficient Design
• Digitization to Supplant the Retiring Workforce
• And more.

The eBook also previews the 2018 Automation Fair® event, where exhibitors are the companies facilitating smart manufacturing and will be demonstrating technologies that are part of these trends. You can bookmark or have the PDF on your smartphone or tablet and take it to the event.

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This eBook is published by The Journal From Rockwell Automation and Our PartnerNetwork™ magazine. It is sponsored by Advanced Energy, Littelfuse and Stratus Technologies.