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Many organizations are seeking a more flexible and scalable asset management solution they can use to better monitor assets and work in the field. Selecting the right solution can be a difficult task, however. Getting the right information to help make a decision is a crucial first step, so here are a few questions to consider:

  1. What features and benefits are most important to me and my plant?
  2. Should I invest in an EAM/ERP system extension or should I consider dedicated field services management (FSM) software?
  3. What types of solutions are similar plants using?

In this Plant Services special report:

  • Top 10 Benefits of Field Service Management Software - Purpose-built FSM software can automate and streamline the complete service process while integrating with core EAM/ERP systems.
  • Are You Hesitating on Field Services Management Software?
    Research data suggest that FSM software can help users achieve organizational benefits that positively impact the bottom line, but only if you know where to look
  • Busting 3 IIoT myths - Don’t let these misconceptions be excuses for not getting your plant more connected

This Special Report is sponsored by IFS.