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Workplace accidents can have tragic physical and emotional consequences for injured workers and their families and costly financial consequences for the facility. Accidents that result in a trip to the hospital cost businesses about $39,000 on average, while a work-related death costs about $1 million. And while electrical hazards and fall risks typically receive a great deal of attention, especially when an incident occurs, it's critical to also address such long-term safety issues as dust management. Implementing and maintaining a strong safety program should be your top priority, and this Plant Services special report will give you useful tips and advice on how to comply with current safety standards and reduce your risk of on-site accidents.

In this special report:

  • Worker Safety: Forget Political Correctness
    Ignoring the cost of work-related deaths undermines safety.
  • When the Dust Settles
    Maintain breathable air and improve product quality with proper dust collection, ventilation and filtration.
  • OSHA Silica Dust Regulations Compliance
    By following new OSHA standards and using the right silica dust control systems, employers can keep their workers safe from the hazards of crystalline silica.