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Imagine what it would mean to your business to always be one step ahead of potential production pitfalls. Optimization of your compressor system is a breeze when you use cellular connectivity.  For starters, real-time compressor room data are a mouse click away, whether those data are accessed on-site or from a remote location. Remote monitoring also saves time by allowing you to spend time working in locations that matter most, instead of being tied to compressor room monitoring system productivity.  Real-time insights also enable you to save money on energy costs, improve your service levels, and avoid downtime. 

On this webinar you will learn: 

  1. How monitoring of historical trends can improve compressor efficiency.
  2. The benefits of compressed air assets that can schedule their own maintenance.
  3. The time and cost savings of being able to monitoring your compressor system from anywhere in the world.


John Smithey
Connectivity Manager
Quincy Compressor

John Smithey is the connectivity manager for Quincy Compressor, a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum and air compressor equipment, and he has been with Quincy for six years. While at Quincy, John has held key roles in aftermarket, service, and piston product management. Currently, John is dedicated to bringing high value CTS programs and solutions to the market with a focus on connectivity, controls, and optimization.   

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