The 2011 BP explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico testifies to the high personal, societal, environmental, and corporate costs of a single incident. It resulted in the tragic loss of lives and has cost BP more than $40 billion. Investing in the right processes, governance, and knowledge and change management systems significantly lowers the risk of such events. Culture is the visible expression of an organization’s embedded core values. It’s expressed through the behaviors and actions of colleagues. Simply stated, culture is what people do when no one is watching. When core values are properly embedded, the behavior of people is consistent with the explicit intent of the institutional goals and objectives communicated. With regard to embedding safety into your corporate culture, the first step is to establish as fact that all injuries and incidents are preventable.

How to create a roadmap to zero injuries and incidents
This white paper explains what successful organizations such as DuPont and ExxonMobil are doing to get people to believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable and achieve zero injuries and incidents. 
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