Plus, make your own T-shirt cannon using parts from your local hardware store
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Maybe I have a little Wile E. Coyote in me, but I love watching a falling anvil obliterate everything in its path. Call me crazy, but I find something deeply satisfying about watching a symbol of creation and strength turn everyday objects into little more than dust. The minds behind YouTube channel How Ridiculous must share my passion given their latest collection of videos. Perched atop a 150-foot tower, the gang demonstrates what happens when an anvil meets a can of spray paint, a watermelon, a can of silly string and much more.
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DIY: Make your own T-shirt cannon using parts from your local hardware store

Are you looking for a unique marketing tool that emphasizes both your brand and your exceptional DIY skills? Have you considered constructing your own T-shirt cannon? This custom air-powered gun can shoot a T-shirt at 60 PSI and is constructed primarily of ABS and PVC parts that can be found at your local hardware store. Whether you want to make a splash at your next industry tradeshow, become the most popular parent at your child's championship game, or find a unique way to propose to your loved one, this T-shirt cannon is sure to make life a little more exciting.
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Plant Services special report
Workplace accidents can have tragic physical and emotional consequences for injured workers and their families and costly financial consequences for the facility. Implementing and maintaining a strong safety program should be your top priority, and this special report will give you useful tips and advice on how to comply with current safety standards and reduce your risk of on-site accidents.
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Modern, interconnected machines generate mountains of data. Likewise, business leaders are being charged with capitalizing on current and legacy data to optimize their processes. But data alone is not enough. Data is merely the ingredient that—when properly analyzed—can lead to insights that propel one business over its competitors.
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