51% of electric motor failures are due to bearing damage and failure. Potential causes of bearing damage leading to failure include inadequate lubrication, mechanical issues, heat, bearing current, and contamination. Prevention of bearing damage will extend motor life. This webinar will walk you through the typical causes of damage, identifying a possible failure, and maximizing the motor's life by preventing premature bearing failure.    

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Why bearings fail
  2. How to identify a failing bearing
  3. How to prevent bearing failures in motors

Terry W. Bell
Product Manager
LV NEMA (General Purpose &  Pump Motors)
Baldor Electric Company, A Member of the ABB Group

Terry Bell is the Product Manager for Baldor Electric Company’s General Purpose and Pump Motors. Terry has worked for Baldor, a member of the ABB group, for 19 years with a background in applications and support. Mr. Bell works closely with all industries to create market-leading NEMA Motors for Pump, Fan and other critical Industrial Applications. Terry has also developed and provided training on efficiency requirements, motor selection, and proper product application.

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