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Don’t just predict problems – prescribe a solution. That’s the premise behind the concept of prescriptive maintenance, which works hand-in-hand with prescriptive analytics. Odds are you’ll be hearing these new buzzwords a lot more often in the coming months and years. But what is it really; how does it work; and what can it achieve that other maintenance models don’t deliver?

This Plant Services Technology Report, created with our sister publication, Smart Industry, will explore how RxM can help enhance asset management at your plant.

  • Turning your data into a competitive advantage
    Predictive analytics takes the data you have and creates data you don’t have
  • Prepare for the prescriptive maintenance transformation
    Build the foundation one step at a time to get your plant ready
  • PdM strategies to detect, analyze and correct
    Implement a three-pronged predictive maintenance strategy to save both time and money
  • Dynamic monitoring for dynamic processes
    Order tracking conquers signal smearing and generates meaningful data
  • Modern vibration analysis
    Following the progression of bearing damage to failure mode
  • Ultrasound for PdM: You heard it here first
    Ultrasound technology can amplify your condition monitoring efforts far beyond leak detection