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Compressed Air eBook 2018

Most industrial facilities use compressed air as a common utility. From running air tools to complex pneumatic controls, compressed air use is common. What isn’t as common is a solid understanding of compressed air systems and their effects on a company’s bottom line.

This Plant Services Technology Report examines the true cost of compressed air, explores how regulations and efficiency standards might impact your business, and offers strategies for better leak detection.

When compressed air is the problem, not the solution
Want to cut energy costs? Stop using compressed air for things it doesn’t need to be used for

Compressor regulations: An update
As of December 2017, we “sort of” have a regulation for ... something. (Stay tuned .)

Money in your pocket: Fix your compressed air leaks
Here's what other plants have saved through leak detection and correction

The cost of high compressed air pressure

Plant pressures have crept up over the years, often costing companies thousands of wasted dollars on their energy bills

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