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Do you consider your plant electrically up to code? According to a recent Plant Services survey, one in four plant workers says “no.” Worse yet, 25% of survey respondents said the average time between incidents at their plant was six months or less. These statistics may be troubling, but they are not insurmountable. Standards and technologies are evolving every day, making safety practices easier and cheaper to implement. The key is to stay informed andstay ahead of the curve.  

This Plant Services Technology Report examines the evolution of industrial electrical systems and explores steps you need to take to ensure the safety of your people and equipment.

Are your electrical workers qualified?
Utilizing only Qualified Persons to perform electrical work can greatly reduce safety risk while increasing electrical system and equipment reliability

Achieving electrical safety by design
PPE is essential but it should be the last line of defense in an electrical hazard

Electrical equipment reliability with ultrasound and infrared
For inspection of energized electrical equipment, ultrasound instruments are joining the electrical inspector’s toolbox alongside noncontact infrared cameras

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This eBook is sponsored by AVO, ITW Vortec, Littelfuse, Schneider Electric, and UE Systems.