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pseh 1808 iiot digital transformation

4 ways to harness the potential of the IIoT at your plant

Today it’s pretty hard to pick up an industry trade publication or Google anything related to manufacturing and not find an article on the promise of the IIoT. Combine the IIoT with advancements in cloud computing and cyberphysical systems (autonomous smart physical assets), and the experts say the stage is set for new manufacturing realities to evolve.

The IIoT promises to redefine or add to the capabilities that organizations must master to be competitive, and it promises to do so sooner rather than later. Is your organization ready?

This Plant Services Technology Report examines how organizations like yours can take advantage of the disruptive digital transformation and all it has to offer.

The Multiple Dimensions of Digital Transformation
Adding new technologies is just one piece of the puzzle

Perform Smarter Motor Maintenance
Real-time IoT data plus human insight makes for a powerful maintenance formula

Seize the IIoT in Just 3 Steps
Good news! You don’t have to start from scratch. But here’s what your maintenance and operations teams should be doing to prep for IIoT success.

Succeeding at Digital Transformation
Avoid these 15 common problems when you start an asset management IIoT project

Download your copy of the Plant Services IIoT/Digital Transformation Technology Report now.