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pseh 1805 materials handling

Vision-enhanced robots that can halt their movement on a factory line if they sense an obstruction. Smarter real-time condition monitoring systems that can alert you that a fleet vehicle is going to need service soon because it’s been slogging through lousy weather. It’s not science fiction, and it’s not a vision of the manufacturing and materials movement environment 20 years from now. It’s what context-aware technology – tech that detects and records details about the environment in which an asset is operating – looks like today.

This Plant Services Technology Report examines the evolution of warehousing and materials handling, from context-aware technology to blockchain and much more.    

  • Context-aware technology: What are the hurdles to adoption, and who’s leading the charge?
    Early adopters of context-aware technologies largely have been driven by a few specific goals
  • Use overhead crane maintenance zones to safely maintain cranes without sacrificing productivity
    Is it possible to safely shut down one crane while keeping the others running? The answer is yes.
  • Industrial-strength blockchain
    Remote and predictive maintenance gets a boost via “smart contract” technology

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