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This Plant Services motors and drives eBook will help you identify and correct problems that can lead to motor failure and unnecessary downtime at your plant. Are you considering upgrading your motor lubrication program? Have you tried trickle varnishing to increase motor reliability? Are you looking for new ways of assessing insulation strength? This Plant Services eBook will give you the tips and advice you need to be successful.

  • Monitor electric motor vibration, or optimize bearing lubrication?
    Case study involving a double-ended electric motor shows that ignoring best-in-class lubrication practices can prevent you and your teams from achieving motor reliability goals
  • Increasing motor reliability with trickle varnishing
    Trickle varnishing can be used to further insulate an electrical winding of a motor, armature, or wound rotor and mechanically solidify it into place
  • Does your plant have an effective motor insulation testing program?
    Insulation problems account for 30% or more of motor failures, so electrical motor testing should be a part of every motor testing program