On-Demand Webinar: Compressed Air

What Causes Poor Air Compressor Efficiency, and What You Can Do About It

Poor air compressor efficiency is costing industrial customers across the world millions of dollars in lost profits.  Even if you have purchased premium efficiency air compressors, you may not be aware that the way you run them can have a big effect on system efficiency and system operating costs.  This on-demand discusses compressor energy efficiency and some of the common causes of poor specific power, or the “gas mileage” rating of a compressor.  Some suggested efficiency measures will be discussed that industrial users can use to reduce their operating costs and save. 

  •   What is compressor efficiency, and why is it important?
  •   Causes of poor compressor efficiency
  •   Solutions to efficiency problems
  •   How better efficiency can improve demand side savings efforts
  •   Next steps

Installing an Energy-Efficient and Reliable Compressed Air System

Energy accounts for more than 85% of the lifecycle costs associated with owning and operating a compressor. How a compressor is installed and maintained can directly impact the compressed air system’s overall efficiency and also the longevity. This on-demand webinar discusses four areas to consider for an energy efficient and reliable compressed air installation:

  •   Location
  •   Ventilation
  •   Service access
  •   Preventive maintenance


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Ron Marshall, CET, CEM
Project Development and Marketing Committee
Compressed Air Challenge
Ron Marshall C.E.T, C.E.M, has been employed with Manitoba Hydro, the crown owned electricity and gas utility in Manitoba, Canada since 1977. He is a Certified Engineering Technologist , and has received certification as an Energy Manager, Demand Side Management and Measurement and Verification Professional through the Association of Energy Engineers.

Ron was the first Canadian participant to qualify as a DOEAIRMaster+ specialist. He has worked in the industrial compressed air field since 1995 as an Industrial Systems Officer for Manitoba Hydro’s Customer Engineering Services Department. Ron is Manitoba Hydro’s industrial compressed air systems expert and his efforts contribute to the utility’s Power Smart Performance Optimization program, a utility incentive program that supports industrial customer energy audits and electrical and gas efficiency projects.

Ron is a member of Compressed Air Challenge's Project Development Committee and Chair of CAC's Marketing working group.  He is a frequent contributor to various CAC related magazine articles.  Ron is an international expert trainer with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization serving on various missions to Malaysia. 


Werner Rauer
Product Manager
Rotary Screw Compressors
Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Werner Rauer is Kaeser’s Product Manager for rotary screw compressors. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been with Kaeser USA for 29 years.  Werner is a frequent speaker and writer on compressed air system technology and system improvement. Werner currently chairs the Rotary Positive Engineering Committee for the Compressed Air & Gas Institute.